My passion

I am inspired…

...from the ocean and all its treasures, hence my preference for pearls-pearl jewelry in connection with precious and semi-precious stones. I love matching jewelry to complete the outfit, at the same time enhancing the beauty and individuality of every women.

I find my heartfelt joy in bringing out the beauty of every woman with an individual piece of jewelry created with love and to underline your feminine charisma and personality.

My sons like to wear bracelets that bring luck and protection. Seeing their eyes light up while wearing and designing their individual bracelet inspires me to create wonderful jewelry for children and men which brings out their individuality, masculinity and charisma.

Since I often had a picture in my head of specific jewelry that I would like to wear, but could not find it anywhere I began teaching myself how to make my own jewelry.

As a result, I was often asked about my jewelry and so the thought matured in me to start my own company and bring joy to women, men and children. 

I have been expressing my creativity and the feelings associated with it for many years in the form of my pictures. When I paint I recharge my batteries, find peace and feel inspired for new things. 

Since I have a degree in international business but also wanted to express and live my creativity, this independence gives me the opportunity to live my passion.